An "Open" Letter" to Lance and Sheila @ OPEN ROAD LEATHERS, JACKSONVILLE,FL.

I recently recommended your business to an exceptionally good friend who had just joined our motorcycle club.  He was looking for a particular type of vest as well as some other leather goods and motorcycle accessories.  He has his wife ventured down to your store last week and purchased a vest and other goods but were a little concerned as they are new to riding with a club and not knowing what they needed.  When I spoke with him yesterday, both he and his lovely wife raved about the way they were greeted and the kindness and personal interest you showed in helping them tour the facility and select what best suited their needs.  You took the time to listen and help them select the products they were looking for and treated them as old friends.  The result was a quality vest, perfect for his particular purpose, and at a great price.  

Now, to those of us that have been doing business with you for over a decade, this is not surprising.  But I wanted to thank you, personally and publicly, for being the great people you are and for all the years of support and friendship you have provided.   My friends were so impressed with your business and hospitality that they cannot wait to visit again.  So, Thank You again for everything you do for us, and the friendship that we maintain.  We wish you continued success in the years to come and we will see you soon!
Dave Fike
Blue Knights® L/E M/C
Chapter XIV
Brunswick, Georgia