Annual Fees for Blue Knights® Chapter XIV 
$35.00 .  Meetings are held the first  Saturday of the month unless otherwise specified by public notice, email or other communication.
                         Our Purpose:
   According to the By-Laws, our purposes     and goals are to:

   1. Provide for the mutual assistance,           enjoyment, entertainment, education,         physical, mental and social benefit of its     members and the general public.
   2. To promote and advance the sport of       motor-cycling and the safety of                   motorcycling.
   3. To serve the interests of motorcycle         owners and users.
   4. To promote by example and any other
   acceptable means, safe use, operation       and enjoyment of motorcycles.
   5. To develop a fraternal spirit between       law enforcement personnel and the             general public.
Briefly, to qualify for membership you must:
1.  Be an active full or part time law enforcement officer with powers of arrest.
2. Be employed by a governmental agency and receive monetary compensation,
or be a retired or disabled former law enforcement.
3. Possess a valid motorcycle license.
4. Own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one within six months.

To join Blue Knights® GA-XIV, download the application at:
Fill out completely and then mail to:
Blue Knights®, GA. XIV
Chapter Secretary
5420 New Jesup Hwy #145
Brunswick, Ga, 31523
feel free to join us at a scheduled meeting!
Congratulations to the new club officers for 2020  They are:
 President.............Sue Schwartz
  Vice President......Dave Fike
  Secretary............John Schwartz
  Treasurer............Danny Shepard
Policy Change:  Annual dues for membership are due at the International by January 30th each year.  This year the International extended the date  for an additional two weeks to incorporate changes  at the HQ.  Members are responsible to have their dues paid to the local Chapter Secretary by the locally established due date.  Further, Chapter XIV has established a new policy whereby dues which are NOT paid to the local chapter within 45 days of the International's suspense date, (Jan 30th) forfeit their membership.  This change was voted on and approved for inclusion in the Chapter XIV By-laws and is effective as of January 13, 2018.

The Blue Knights® are a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club made up of active and retired Law Enforcement Officers.  If you meet the qualifying criteria, come join us!  We "Ride with Pride"!

Glynn County Georgia is the home of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and many of our members are officers or agents in  the Federal agencies represented at the Center.
We welcome members or transfers from other Chapters. If you are in the area temporarily, we invite you to come ride with us and enjoy the fellowship we share as an organization.