This page is dedicated to Charlie Farrington and his friends.

To his family, we offer our most sincere condolences.  Charlie was a man among men.  You can be very proud of his accomplishments professionally, and his charitable contributions, his compassion for his fellow man and his dedication to his job and his country.  Although we grieve today, our lives are better for having had the honor of knowing him.
The initial post sent out by our group has received over 18,000 hits on the web with nearly 1,750 responses and personal messages.  If this is not an indication of what a beloved man he was, then I can offer no further proof.
Perhaps Charlie's greatest contribution occurred right here, as a Senior Firearms Instructor at the CBP Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco.  His expertise at educating students in Firearms Training was something to behold.  Every-thing Charlie did was from the heart.  He gave of himself, not for recognition, not for reward but because he could.  No one will ever know the extent of his charity and his compassion.  Charlie kept things to himself and lived his life with a moral and ethical code.  His ability to tell a joke though could bring a roomfull of people to their knees.  His harmonica playing was amazing.  He spoke 9 languages, all self taught.  The 44,000+ employees of CBP have lost a comrade, the agency has lost one of it's finest firearms instructors.  But those of us closest to him, have lost the best friend we ever had.  We used to talk about certain people we worked with and recognized them as "Men of Respect".  Well Charlie, you have joined an elite group.  God Speed.  Rest in Peace our Brother.
Seldom in one's lifetime are they fortunate enough to meet an individual so unique, so intelligent and so full of life that by merely entering a room he can change bad to good, weak to strong and hopeless to success.  But Charlie Farrington was that kiind of man.  He never met a stranger and never forgot a face or a name.  He never turned his back on a friend and his work and his dedication to his friends were his lifeline.  Charlie passed away on June 18, 2018.  His friends are devastated, his family is in shock and the world does not seem the same.  Always smiling, always upbeat and shaking hands with everyone he came in contact with, he was known near and far as one of the kindest, most sincere men ever.  His contributions to this country included working for the DoD Police, serving in the United States Navy, working with the U.S. Justice Department with the Immigration and Naturalization Service which later fell under Homeland Security as U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Charlie started out in Minneapolis, but spent a great deal of time on temporary duty to both the I.N.S. and CBP Academies.

Special thanks goes out to Susan at Tipsy's for the "Toast to Charlie".